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      Teach with MATLAB and Simulink

      Provide hands-on learning experiences using industry-standard tools to analyze data, create models, and simulate systems.

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      Get Started with Free Online Tutorials

      You and your students can quickly learn the basics of MATLAB and Simulink.

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      Autograde Code with MATLAB Grader

      Build and share interactive course assignments with your students in any learning environment.

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      Create interactive lectures with MATLAB live scripts

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      Use MATLAB on any mobile device

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      Run MATLAB Online in a web browser

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      Connect MATLAB and Simulink to hardware

      Downloadable Course Materials Created by Educators

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      Deep Learning and AI

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      Robotics and Controls


      Explore more than 2000 books based on MATLAB and Simulink that present theory and real-world examples.

      MATLAB and Simulink for Primary and Secondary School Students

      Engaging students in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning at a younger age can help prepare them for success at the university level and beyond. Browse the resources available for primary and secondary school STEM programs and outreach activities.

      This free interactive tutorial teaches the basics of programming using MATLAB in about one hour.

      A Path to Success

      Millions of engineers and scientists rely on MATLAB and Simulink for technical computing and Model-Based Design in a wide range of applications and industries.


      universities worldwide use MATLAB and Simulink to prepare students for thriving careers in engineering, science, economics, and finance.


      of the Fortune 100 companies have a MATLAB license.


      accelerators, incubators, and startups in industries such as medical devices, robotics, and autonomous vehicles use MATLAB to take products from concept to production.

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      A former Formula Student participant uses Simulink daily in his current role as a technical support engineer at Speedgoat.

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      Carnegie Mellon University students complete MATLAB online tutorials as part of a flipped-classroom strategy.

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      Faculty at Chalmers University of Technology integrated MATLAB into the core mathematics curriculum.